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In the early 2000s when I was too young to understand and had never even heard the phrase MS my dad was diagnosed with this disease. It is the type of disease where you would never guess the person had anything toiling inside them. My dad’s job at the Police Department did not think he was capable(or so they said) despite his last few years working there was spent in the office doing typical office work, thus he was forced into early retirement after almost 30 years of service. Currently the checks he receives are half the amount of what they should be had he been able to retire on time, sending my family of 7(including myself) into a frenzy. My mom has thus been a workaholic ever since and I do not blame her, however being in such a big family does mean sacrifices. Being the oldest makes me not want to let them down

I’ve been working since I was 16 but do to certain situations I only have a little bit of money saved up and definitely nowhere near enough to finance a whole college tuition. Last year was the first year my parents ever had to pay for taxes, so I when I was finally accepted for finical aid in January( yes after fall semester), I was only being proved a loan. This year another hiccup stopped our taxes, someone stole my mom’s identity, while my finical aid will be verified before the semester starts I’m afraid I will be only eligible for loans again because it is so late, not only that but I still have 931.00 left over to pay for last semester. However if I am proved with a scholarship or a grant any extra money raised will be saved for school supplies(such as a computer) and for the school I plan to transfer to(it will not be spent on nothing else)

I had decided to go to community college last year in order to not put a finical burden on my parents, but I see even going to one of the best community colleges in the nation Anne Arundel Community College has been a bit pricey for having to been under out-of-county tuition which is a hundred dollars more a credit than in-county students trying to take 5 classes in one semester alone it self can be pricey when you are trying to finish your degree on time.

As for my major I am a Theatre and English Education double major. There only two things I’ve wanted to do since I was ten those things was to act and write. Most people don’t follow the aspirations of their ten year old selves,but there is nothing else I am as nearly as passionate about or inspired by(well expect for  helping other people, in my time in school I do hope to go on a volunteer trip to forgien country). I want my words to inspire and alter peoples lives. But I also want to master my craft before doing so. In a year from now I hope to be attending a school in New York pursuing these dreams, sadly it that wouldn’t be possible if I don’t finish my associate degree this year in order to earn a good sizeable scholarship.

So if you do choose to donate, realize I will not let you down I will try my hardest in school in order to make it on my own. I am determined to finish.

(I actually lowered my goal currently to 1,000 dollars because honestly I’m only worried about paying for last semester right now. Though I am still worried they will provide me with only loans again through finical aid however my main goal is just getting back to school on August 26th this year. As I know many of you are students also on this website, but if you can find it in your hear(or wallet haha) to provide me any little bit of cash you can I will be beyond grateful.)


you’ll be four years older when the next world cup happens and if it doesn’t scare you then congrats


Handcrafted Words of Wisdom
LOCATION: On a park bench in the lovely Minnehaha Falls. Which you can’t say without laughing. Literally.


Handcrafted Words of Wisdom

LOCATION: On a park bench in the lovely Minnehaha Falls. Which you can’t say without laughing. Literally.





That was not what I was expecting

that escalated quickly





im such a linguistics nerd so i just started thinking of when you start talking to someone new online and you have to learn all their personal tone indicators and what :) or any other smilie actually means to them and how after a while you can tell when something is wrong just because they type something differently than normal and we all just learn and adapt to this type of communication so quickly to make these wonderful online friendships and its kind of amazing








who the FUCK told society that depression and awkwardness is cute and adorable

bad screenwriters

John Green




i honestly don’t know where all the john-green hate comes from


So the real reason I invited your friend to go to the movies with us

Because as much as you want to be friends with benifits

And as much as I thought I could handle it

As much as I thought you would change your mind

I still want you

And when I’m along with you I want to jump your bones

And i………………………..I can’t handle you liking someone else

As much as I thought I didn’t care

AS much as i tried not to care

I care

I care too much

I care more than you ever know

More than you;ll ever care to

And that makes me very, very sad.



perfect usage of that gif



perfect usage of that gif


everything personal♡


everything personal♡